Joey The Player of NJ – – 732-310-0630/ 732-788-9707/ 732-788-9705/ 732-789-4555 – ALERT

  1. Good Samaritan

    6 Apr 2013

    This person books escorts for overnights in Edison, NJ and DOES NOT PAY. He is a notorious scammer. He may use references, but don’t be fooled. He uses various names, including: Jose, Joe, John, Tori, Torres, Torre, and more. Changes email and phone number often as well. SOME of his other phone numbers: 732-310-0630, 732-789-0064, 732-789-8430, 732-305-6287, 732-456-3936, 732-447-3901, 732-659-0254, 646-783-2499, 732-788-9707, 732-788-9705, 732-789-4555, 646-215-6304, 732-666-7456, 860-378-7031, 732-404-0980

    (All phone numbers have been reported on various sites, dated back to 2009.  These reports can be found by googling the numbers.  The last two are listed in the nationalblacklist.)


    9 Oct 2013

    He ist just a perverse psycho. Using a girls and never pays. Everytime the same story. Shame, but i was a victim of him too. Got some references from other encounter, talked to her on the phone, she said he is a normal rich guy who wants to have some fun and so on. But everything was a lie. I was lucky that i came home safe. This girl contacted me one day after and said what an a***ole he is, how he ruined her body ( she cannot work now )… But what i do not understand, why other girls f****ng lie??!!! Say the truth for god’s sake! Keep others safe!

    Don’t fall for it

    29 Apr 2013

    This guy goes by the name Joe Verderamie, email used Samanthat at and Kimberly at … Said that both girls are ranch bunnies out west, yeah ok. But, if I needed references from Eros girls that he would provide, so I asked and he didn’t. He kept insisting that I contact the girls via the email he provided but yet he wouldn’t give me their websites. Time waster. I believe he is the same guy who tricked another girl I know to go to Nj then showed up at train station to pick her up in a Honda. She’s a fool for taking stupid chances. I never do. Verify first!

    Melany replies to Good Samaritan

    27 Jun 2013

    He just called me the number 732-659-0254 Joe Verdaramie whatever, he tried to sell me the same story that he is gonna wire the money bla boa… Thanks god I searched the number and found out about him!!!

    From now on, I will start to sahre my experiences as well!!!

    Thank you girls!!!!!

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      Fiona replies to Melany

      15 Dec 2013

      Good for you.  I got scammed by him two nights ago.  This guy is a total creep and the threatening type.  Us girls in this industry need to stick together and report bad guys like him.  I’m glad you didn’t schedule him in


    25 Feb 2014

    He’s a loser, and a fake. girls beware. I’m from nyc and made the mistake of not screening him thoroughly until i got there. i left immediately. girls, don’t see this guy, as he is on a one-way, non-stop flight to HELL.

    • Nicole

      22 Jun 2014

      DONT SEE THIS GUY!!!! He says his name is Joey and he’s going through a divorce and all this nonsense….LADIES BEWARE!!!

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      2 Aug 2014

      It’s true was next to a freind over herd me on phone showed me his number stored as stay away she told me he tried to rape her but she was screaming in his condo and he let her go so thnx God I never went


    13 Sep 2013

    Someone needs to do something about this guy because everyone he scams is a victim and he will not stop preying on these women until he is stopped! People like this a** will stop at nothing to get their fix, it’s an addiction and it becomes all they think about. Eventually they will hurt someone, being scammed is one thing and it sucks so bad! but physically hurting someone (Let’s all Hope he gets what he deserves FAST) is another. Spread the information on this piece of not even good enough to be crap guy that is wasting precious oxygen and is a waste of a being. Seriously, everyone do your part in bringing this loser down ASAP! He offers a large amount and it’s hard to say no to that sometimes even if you do get 1 verification only to find out after when you call that person and asked if she ever received the her transfer and she says that she did Not. Would have been nice to know the first time I spoke with her. Anyway, the point is to spread the word and make sure he stops because if we just get mad and move on doing nothing he’s out there scamming the hell out of other innocent people and eventually he will harm someone because it’s become his addiction, he got away many times and its a thrill and pleasure it’s his drug and he isn’t going to be stopped until someone does something and I’m telling you he is at the point of desperation, he knows it too. He can’t scam as much as he used too and he is getting very frustrated, desperate and angry for that fix he needs. And people like this s***-hole will stop at nothing to get what they want because that’s all they fantasize about. Lies become reality and he begins to believe that he actually is ‘The Man’ and so forth… See, us girls do what we do for many reasons and we are all different in many ways but one’s who have been scammed by this MAGGOT at least know we have can relate to something and hopefully pull our weight and get this thing called a human to stop now before he hurts someone and we have to hear it on the news. Some of us if not most of us have an education and or are extremely book or street smart or both, point being Spread the information on this a**. Put an add out there warning others, share your experience with others and so on and I bet this beer-belly pizza face/crap eating maggot won’t be bothering others anymore. I don’t want to see his a** on the news one day soon with a story saying that he hurt someone badly.. Honestly we got lucky and made it out alive, sure we are pissed as can be & not only at this maggot but at ourselves and who wouldn’t be but we also need to think of who’s going to be the one that doesn’t make it out with their life. We’re all victims, prey whatever you want to call it but ignoring the situation and not doing your even so smallest part to help stop him will only fuel his ego, pride, desperation, frustration and all in all his disgusting ADDICTION which is going to be the reason he goes down because this guy is not sane, he’s a sadist, a liar, has already convinced himself of his own lies and doesn’t know the difference between the real world and his fantasy world. Copy and paste this link and send it to anyone you know who can fall prey and or also post it on as many well-known sites/review boards. Do your part…I know I am.


     The address listed above has been been publicly reported where he scammed two women.  The same address was reported by two sisters visiting from out of state this past fall, where he scammed them as well.  Also, it was stated (via email) by two other women that he coerced and abused them, possibly at the same address, and reported that he recently raped a woman in the same neighborhood, also suspected same location.  This address is listed in the nationalblacklist, searchable by the word only, Kempsey in the street name field.  There are two posts dated back to 2012 that include his real name, automobile license plate number, physical description of him and house number on Kempsey that match tax records for this address in his name (see the above link.)

    Another provider reported his neighbors address on the badboyreport where they recently met one night (see below, no. 15, last reply in the thread).  Actually, he’s given out several neighbor’s addresses to different women (see no. 5, 6, 15, 16, 21, 30 and 33), telling them that’s his place and where they’ll be meeting.  Public records show he does not own the ones he provides to them.  These ladies have given various descriptions of the place where they met him.  One described a condo, with furniture and toys inside and another said the place was empty.

    There are several reasons why providers may accept an appointment with this man.  He’s convincing (see. no. 15), a very good talker and sometimes provides legit references that are highly reviewed and check out when contacted (see no. 15). But ladies now suspect his references help him perhaps in exchange for a review.  Maybe they work for him (see no. 12) or he runs an agency because after these providers end up getting scammed or abused they cannot figure out why his references said he was okay.  Also, he calls last minute and ladies don’t have time to think. Offers to pay extra for the short notice or for her to cancel all her appointments for the night.  He says he’ll write a fantasy review on TER, a Zagat rating type listing and escort review site.  He does offer a large amount of money for an overnight, around 6500 which is enticing, yet questionable, but tells some ladies that he wants a girl friend type experience/ GFE, also porn star and that’s why he offers a high rate.  And he says that’s the going rate in NYC for an overnight.  On occasion there are good paying clients that will splurge this type of money (even on regular girls) and will follow through as promised, sometimes last minute bookings.  So providers trust him because he’s convincing, references check out, he explains what the extra money is for and do know there are high paying clients once in awhile that turn out to be legit.  They probably take a chance, some figuring the worst case scenario he doesn’t have the money and if so they will leave.  The ladies don’t know they’ll be stuck at his place for the entire night.  And if they try to escape there’s really no where to go for immediate help, as his place is far away from any major road, highway, police station or taxi’s passing by.  One provider on the badboyreport said she had to walk almost three miles to get help (she got away somehow.  see no. 15 below)

    How do ladies get to his place?  He picks them up at the New Brunswick train station after telling this story, how he’s going through an awful divorce and cannot risk having ladies driving to his home as the neighbors may notice (this story has been reported on the badboyreport, a public telephone report and via phone by him.  see no. 16 and 19.)  After his reference checks out, providers often agree to meet him this way.  But others said they took a car service there.

    A few providers reported on the badboyreport, public phone reports, the national blacklist and by email that he attempted to pay via check, paypal or wire transfer upon arrival.  Some questioned or tried to refuse this form of payment and asked to leave.  He promised it was legit, and also told them that’s how he paid his references or high end ladies in the past (see no. 5).  But many quickly realized they were stuck in this situation and had to spend the night, not even sure they’re being paid.  Other ladies reported on the badboyreport, upgotreported and by email, he told them someone in his family either works with the FBI (see no. 3 and 30), LE or is a judge and he can get out of any crime or someone convicted of a crime.  These providers are obviously worried at that point.  Ladies posted on ugotreported (see no. 30) and said by email that after they got comfortable with him he requested or attempted very unsafe acts.  When they asked to leave at that point, some said he then he threatened the police on them.  In fact it was reported in the national blacklist that he even posed as a cop one time, supposedly to obtain free services in exchange for letting the girl off.  Some ladies said they cooperated and tried to be nice, hoping they would get home safely after the overnight.  However, two tough sisters, recently visiting from out of town, that went to see him together, told him they both knew how to fight (at that point he backed off.) They said he started to cry when they wouldn’t agree to these unsafe acts he requested.  One girl reported on upgotreported that asked to go home after he begged for unprotected sex acts said he asked to pee on her (see no. 30).  Others have said his place was a mess, he was unkempt and were not comfortable and requested to leave.  Some he took back to the train station, others he stiffed with the cab fare but many were stuck with him for the entire evening.

    Providers have reported other various things about him and their experience.  First, on the badboyreport, upgotreported, national blacklist and by email, he scammed them by writing a bad check or did a phony wire transfer while they were at his place, which they didn’t find out until the next day (see no. 4, 10, 15, 22 and 32).  Also got a bad vibe from him.  One lady said she had a serial killer type vibe and was afraid he might hurt or kill someone someday (stated by email).  That’s how bad her experience was (provider had been assaulted and abused by him for eight hours, reported via email).  Some reported on the badboyreport and public telephone reports that he was aggressive upon arrival (see no. 21) and also when asked or attempted to leave.  He had made threats (see no. 16 and 31), even coerced them (reported by email).  One lady he coerced said she was afraid after he took nude pictures of her, when she wasn’t looking, that he may blackmail her if she didn’t cooperate.  As he’s said to other providers, he told her he knows people in LE or with the FBI and was not worried as he can have someone convicted of crime, or get out of being accused of any crime.  He kept doing unsafe acts when she wasn’t looking, even after she told him no, several times.  She didn’t know how to get out of this bad situation and was stuck there for the night.

    One lady said that she was lucky to have lived through her experience.  He has been described on the badboyreport, upgotreported. public phone reports and by email as a freak, a psycho, dangerous, scary and psychotic by ladies that saw him (see no. 3, 17 and 30).  One anonymous poster stated he attempted rape (see no. 26/27/28).  A post in the national blacklist even referred to him as a rapist.  So it’s not just scamming that he’s doing.  These women are in real fear when alone with him.  Hopefully this can eventually be put to a stop.  The woman whom made a reply on December 12, 2104 (see no. 15) asked for the police to please do something about this crazy and dangerous man.  The fact that a woman was recently raped and abused for eight hours, that should be enough for LE to start looking into this matter, to put this man’s scam to an end.

    Public reports date back back to 2009 and continue through 2014.  See number 5, 6, 15, 16 and 29 where providers posted his neighbor’s addresses that he gave out as the place where they were supposed to meet or actually met.  These ladies obviously didn’t know it was his neighbors address they publicly reported and not his.




    — Darwin Lane address reported, which is near Kempsey.


    — Darwin Lane address reported, street is right next to Kempsey.







    – states:  solicitor looking for escorts or as he put it attendants for his gentleman’s clubs in Miami and LA



    15. **

    —  Recent post.  A provider reported an address on Northam Drive (which is in Jose’s neighborhood) where they met.  Also stated she had to walk several miles to get help.  Wished the police would do something with this guy.


    — Darwin Lane address reported, which belongs to a neighbor.


    –  Recent post.  Called on Christmas day.


    — One report of attempted rape (via third party).

    In conversation with his friend, Joey gives out his phone number, 732-310-0630.  This is same the number he’s been calling his victims from and is referenced on reports that can be found in Google.

    Copied from a saved pdf file of facebook page:

    ew 6 more comments

    Farxxx Fxxxxx till northrun… pass me ur number, lets do sth one day

    February 21, 2013 at 10:54pm

    Joey Torres that sounds like a plan. here are my digits 732-310-0630. Send me

    your number so I can put you on my phone.

    February 21, 2013 at 10:57pm

    Farxxx Farxxx u got it…this is mine 732-7xx-3xxx

    February 21, 2013 at 10:58pm

    Stexxxx Colxxxxxxx Castxxx Jose is that you??

    February 23, 201

    Joey gives out his phone number to a friend on facebook, dated February 21, 20134.  Public posts on this same number (on escort report boards) date back to February, 2013.

    – Neighbors address on Darwin Lane (right next to his place on Kempsey) he’s given out to ladies  as where they’ll be meeting.

    National blacklist has six reports on the same phone number, 732-310-0630, that date back to 3/10/13.  Some have listed his real name, one on 4/17/13 mentions first and last name, an email addresse he’s contacted providers from and refers to him as a rapist.

    — Recent post.  Neighbors address on Darwin Lane reported as where a provider met him.  


    — Provided legit reference.  Provider later stated she never gave a reference.  Never saw him, was impersonated or given by a third party.  


    24.  **

    —  Recent posts.  





    May be posting his own number on escort sites for a provider reference. 

    See reply in thread:

    29.  Is now using the email addresses “” and “” for contact info.  


    Copied from the cached version in Google, see below.

    Joe Torre or Torri aka | 702-443-8654 | 732-310-0630

    This guy who says he is in real estate has multiple houses etc etc. His name is Joe Torre or Torri aka Verdirami. Who every he is he is a scam. He also says his sister works for the FBI lol yeah ok. I dont buy that at all. He like to use my name as a reference for girls not in the industry. He thinks if the girls here a pornstar name they wont screen him. Screen him weird creepy I would say very dangerous man. Current number 732-310-0630. UgotReported

    5 Responses to “ “Joe Torre or Torri aka Verdirami| 702-443-8654 | 732-310-0630”

    1. nomorebullshit! says:

      This same asshole tried too set me up as well. Thanks god for this site. I would not of went anyways my bullshit detector was off the charts and I didnt like his voice to begin with.

    2. baddbee says:

      He just contacted my friend from that 732 jersey # beware he is still on the loose and preying on females.

    3. Star says:

      4xx Northam Drive,

      I unfortunately went ahead against all my screening and judgement! Everything happens for a reason tho. I went ahead and shortly after I began I had a bad feeling that I was being played. So right beside him I googled his number an yep my intuition was right. That will be the last time I EVER go against my gut! He was askin for things I plainly said no to! GFE I don’t provide personally, he asked matter fact begged to cum in me and go in without a condom!! Insane! Then proceeded to ask to pee on my face, asked me to pop pimples on his back! He is a capital C creep!!!! STAY AWAY FROME THIS MAN! I then said there was an emergency and had to leave and he begged for me to stay longer and then proceeded to jerk hisself until he was done! SMH! He is cometely inconsiderate of anything but hisself this man is Dangerous! This has to be the worst experience and choice I ever made! (732) 788-9705 and also (732) 310-0630 are two numbers he uses! It’s even funnier that he said he believes in karma! Lmfao!



    Copied from the cached version in Google, see below.

    JOE VERDI/NJ/732-310-0630!! STAY AWAY | | 732-310-0630

    Joe Verdi Called EM tampa Area, Told me he had seen her numerous times before, HE has NOT!! Creats a whole story line,

    This s a sick LYING F—-r, Don’t believe anything he tells U.

    He like to get nasty & make threats.

    SYAY AWAY from,

    I have reported him before, he is like a bad penny he keeps comming back. UgotReported

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    Copied from the cached version in Google, see below.

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    Joe ( Joey ) Verdaramie – fake name | | 732-310-0630

    He send e-mail or calls you that he interested to book you for overnight. He also gives you some fake references that you can trust him and he already met a lot of women. Before the date he says he will do a money transfer for you, but you will never get it. He is just a f.. cheater and psychopat. Be aware!!!There are more victims!!!

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    Copied from the cached version in Google, see below.

    Joseph Torres | 732-348-8447 | | | Whiteplains

    Joseph Torres

    Whiteplains, NY

    732-348-8447 –

    Joseph Torres Contacted me as well. He requested an overnight on my trip to NYC. All of the information from previous negative posts on the individual match the man who called me. He requested an outcall (overnight) to 19* darwin lane in NJ. He refused to email me or send occupational screening information, claiming that he’s in the midst of an ‘aweful divorce.’ Says he has been doing this for +15 years. Says he trades fixed income bonds. Says he is privately employed.